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Data Sheet

Nip Control’s measuring system consists of a hand-held device (Roller Nip Indicator) and a flexible static or dynamic sensor, specially developed for offset printing presses.

- Roller Nip Indicator (RNI)   Part Number W101
- Static sensor: Length 300 mm Part Number SS30001
- Dynamic sensor: Length 300 mm Part Number DS30001

 Roller Nip Indicator

Where to measure in the printing press

Inking rollers

  • Inking rollers 
  • Fountain rollers
  • Nips between inking or dampening rollers
  • Nips between plate and form rollers
  • Nips between plate, blanket and impression cylinders
  • Plate cylinder
  • Blanket cylinder
  • Impression cylinder
  • Web

Nip Control’s Sensors
The sensors are developed primarily for roller nips (yellow) and nips between the plate and the form rollers (green), where the nip pressure is lower than between cylinders.

The sensors are good for more than 500 measurements.

Nip Width: 2 - 20 mm
Roller Diameter: 30 - 200 mm
Nip Temperature: 20 - 50° C
Roller Surfaces: Metal / Rubber
Hard Plastic / Rubber
Rubber / Rubber
Rubber Hardness: 20 - 60° shore A

Measuring units

  • RNI with static sensor: mm/mil
  • RNI with semi-dynamic sensor: DNUTM (Dynamic Nip Units)

Water Resistance & Cleaning

  • RNI: IP 20. Sensor: IP 65
  • Always wipe the sensor clean after measuring
  • Do not use solvents

 Easy to Use

  • One-button control
  • Only one operator needed
  • Bright LED display for easy readings
  • Indicator lights when correct or incorrect measurement
  • Automatic shut-off for maximum use of standard batteries (AAA): Lifespan exceeds 1000 measurements
  • Sensors can measure with either side towards either roller
  • 3-step safety front guards the operator
  • Developed for both roll and sheet offset printing presses, and small and large presses from various manufacturers

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